Bicycle Blogs & Social Media

Blogs are an essential part of the social media toolbox for businesses and organizations that perceive value in connecting with their customers and building community. I develop blogs that play well with social media. Great stories (blog posts) get shared far and wide via social media, extending your brand’s reach.

I use social media to build communities and create meaningful relationships with consumers. I am a professional blogger and blog developer for clients.

Tubulocity: a magazine & blog dedicated to bicycle culture

Several years ago I started TUBULOCITY, an online magazine & blog dedicated to bicycle culture, as a laboratory for developing my social media skills. It’s been on hold due to time constraints, but was getting 9,000+ views each month and had some paid advertisers. All time views are 218,832 and it continues to get search traffic. Click here to view Tubulocity

People on Bikes: Blog

I recently started a blog called PEOPLE ON BIKES. I interview, photograph, and film people I randomly encounter or hunt down by bike. I’m using PEOPLEONBIKES to showcase my expertise in reaching out to people, using social media in a way that’s meaningful, and building communities. I’m one of the first adopters of the new .BIKE domain suffix.

From the mission statement: If you think you know what a cyclist is, I’m here to show you that you’re only partially in the know. My goal is to break through the spandex stereotypes and introduce you to interesting people for whom the bicycle is an essential part of who they are, what they do, how they raise their families, and how they get around. Click here to view People on Bikes

Bike Tawk: Facebook group

An offshoot of my bicycle blogs is Bike Tawk, a 350 member (and growing) closed Facebook group I administer. It’s become a place for cyclists interested in discussing safety infrastructure and politics. It’s given me an appreciation for the power, potential, and wise-use of social media as well as online group dynamics where anything and everything can be controversial.