Classic Animal Blocks

As a result of my experience designing packaging and products for clients, I developed a line of children’s products — sets of building blocks and gift boxes made from corrugated cardboard. They were distributed across North America, Europe, and Japan to toy stores and gift shops, through a network of independent sales reps.

I took two years off from my design business to operate this venture. It was profitable after a short time and was an incredible learning experience. Though I’m no longer producing these products, I came away with first-hand understanding of the issues all entrepreneurs deal with — funding, distribution, price-points, commodity price fluctuations, quality control, tradeshows, packaging, and point-of-sale. This knowledge has proven valuable in understanding the needs of my clients. I have first-hand experience in what it takes to bring products to market and into the hands of consumers.

In addition to being sold as sets of building blocks, they were also sold in bulk (100) for resale as gift boxes. The products, particularly Classic Animal Blocks became very popular. They were used to build a wall in Macy’s NYC flagship store Christmas window, and were used as props in the movie Buffalo Soldiers.