Community Building Art Projects

Before I moved from NYC to Seattle I created Streetdrawing, a community-building arts organization dedicated to creating large-scale chalk-drawn murals with children in Brooklyn, NY. Working alongside professional artists, children were encouraged to express themselves. An exhibit of photographs documenting the project was shown at the Brooklyn Museum.

I’ve organized and produced community art events in NYC, Seattle, Portland, Boston, and Dayton. Additionally, large-scale chalk murals by children and artists working together, have been created to benefit various charitable organizations.

The ArtQuake piece is a 30×60 ft. mural created in one day by Portland middle school students as the centerpiece image for a poster promoting ArtQuake (Portland, Oregon arts festival). The resulting artwork was photographed from a cherrypicker at a height of 40 ft.

The CASA piece is a still photo from an event filmed for use in a TV public service announcement for CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates), a child advocacy organization.

I’m interested in doing new community art projects here in Seattle, as part of the movement to take back urban spaces for human-scale and pedestrian use. I’m available to produce special Streetdrawing events for non-profit and commercial purposes. Video and photographic images of events are visually powerful — great for advertising and public relations.